Kundali Matching, Horoscope Matching, or Marriage Matching for 2023

In Hindu scriptures, Kundli Milan is a vital part of the process of getting married. It is where the astrologer analyzes the Kundli or birth chart of both individuals who are considering getting married. The analysis is done to determine the compatibility of the couple in various aspects of their life.

What is Kundli Matching and why should you consider it?

It involves analyzing the positions of the five ‘grahas’ or planets of the partners. In modern times, it’s become increasingly clear that love alone is not enough to sustain a long-term relationship, and it’s important to consider various factors before making a commitment.

Just like you put a lot of effort into researching and planning every aspect of your wedding celebration, it’s equally important to carefully consider the compatibility of your potential life partner beyond just surface-level factors. While financial stability, looks, family background, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle preferences are all important, it’s also crucial to delve deeper and understand what lies beneath the surface identity and accomplishments of your partner. This is where kundali milan comes into play.

What we offer: Assessment and Benefits-

  • Mindset lagna kundali helps to determine if the mindset of your partner matches your frequency. This includes factors like communication styles, core values, and overall outlook on life. By examining the placement of the Moon, Mercury, and other planets in each partner’s horoscope, we can get a sense of how compatible they are likely to be in terms of personality and mindset.
  • Financial – Another important consideration is financial compatibility. This involves assessing whether both partners are able to support each other’s financial progress and whether they have compatible attitudes towards money. Factors like earning potential, spending habits, and overall financial stability are taken into account.
  • Family Influence – Family plays an important role in many people’s lives, and it is important to consider how much each partner is influenced by their family and how this may affect their married life. Lagna kundali calculations can indicate the level of family influence they are likely to experience, and whether that will cause a problem in your future life together.
  • Children / Santati Yoga – The prospect of having children is an important consideration for many couples, and lagna kundali can provide insights into the nature of this process. Certain factors can indicate the likelihood of having children, challenges, opportunities, as well as the timing of this event.
  • Marital Lifelagna kundali can provide insights into the overall quality of the couple’s married life. This includes factors like the potential for extramarital affairs, the level of physical and emotional affection between partners, and overall compatibility in terms of values, interests, and personality. By examining the placement of various planets and houses in each partner’s horoscope, we can gain a deeper understanding of the couple’s potential for happiness and fulfillment in their married life. It can help us offer solutions in case if problems are likely to arise.

Graha Maitri and Yoni maitri – often overlooked but very crucial –

When it comes to matching horoscopes for marriage, graha maitri and yoni maitri are two important factors that are taken into consideration. Graha maitri refers to the compatibility of planets between the partners. It means that when one partner has weak planets, the other partner’s planets can help them, power them to get through difficulties, and vice versa. This is important because mental, emotional, financial, and physical compatibility are all important factors for a successful marriage.

Yoni maitri is also considered. It represents the sexual compatibility between the partners. Non-compatibility of which may lead to sexual dissatisfaction and disharmony in the marriage.

These factors can determine the fundamental strength and longevity of the marriage. As per scriptures the minimum span of married life is 36 years, and the maximum is 82 years. We can ensure that this time is fruitful and leads to happiness for you.

Another important aspect we can conclude for in lagna kundali is whether or not both you and your partner will have a common goal after marriage. We can determine if you will work together in unity and harmony completing and complimenting each other as you make effort for this goal.

We offer you complete and deep analysis of lagna kundali

  • Unfortunately, many astrologers only check for guna or how many points are gained after kundali matching and do not thoroughly examine other factors. However, it is important to assess them, as ignoring them can lead to problems. If there are issues with graha maitri, yoni maitri, or if nadi dosha is detected, it may be best to reconsider the marriage union altogether. Checking lagna kundali in detail can help ensure that the marriage is built on a strong foundation, allowing both partners to lead a fulfilling and successful life together.
  • Varna dosha is also a critical factor that needs to be assessed when matching kundalis for marriage. There are four varnas – Brahman, Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya. When checking for varna dosha it is important to assess that the groom is of a higher varna compared to the bride. This is to ensure that there is harmony in marriage.
  • Seeking guidance from experts in these crucial areas helps to solve 70% of the problems that can arise in your married life. Astrology and spiritual guidance can help to identify potential areas of conflict and offer solutions to overcome them.

Serving you the truth and guiding you to happiness –

Having studied the scriptures since my early childhood, I have a firm belief in the power and potential of astrology in shaping our lives. Astrological conclusions are calculated based on planetary positions and their degrees, making it essentially a form of mathematics.

At the crossroads of science and spiritual guidance, it can be challenging to make the modern world understand the prominence of astrology and its effects on our lives. However, we all do believe in some form of energy that drives all life, right? Astrology serves and shows people the way to get from point A to point B with precision, health and happiness. It guides you with solutions that may help prevent or soften any undesirable blow of fate.

In conclusion –

We do not support anything that misleads, creates negativity or fans superstition. Our goal is to create meaningful lives with the knowledge given to us through scriptures and connect people with those who will truly support them in every way.

Choosing the right life partner is a critical decision that should not be left to guesswork. Matching kundalis in detail can help to identify the perfect partner for you in every way – someone who uplifts your energy, vibrations, and soul to the pinnacles of happiness and success. Connect with us today for a quick session of lagna kundali assessment and take charge of your life in every way. Stay blessed! Jai Shree Krishna!

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