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|| सत्येन रक्ष्यते धर्मो विद्याभ्यसेन रक्ष्यते | मृज्यया रक्ष्यते रूपं कुलं वृतेन रक्ष्यते ||

Dharma is protected by truth, Knowledge is protected by practicing learning, beauty is protected by cleanliness, that way Dynasty is reflected by the behavior.

Online Workshops

One of the major qualities of Yogendra Aradhye Guruji is his expertise in enlightening people about the problems and opportunities in their respective lives and guiding them in the right direction to deal with both. The method behind this excellence lies in his ability to read patrikas and predict all the do’s and don’ts from it. Patrika Consultation is not as easy as it seems. It requires in depth knowledge about the positioning of the planets and stars with reference to one’s life. For example, whatever happens in your life has a spiritual connection with the positioning of “Soorya”, the Sun and other planets like Shukra (Venus) and Shani (Saturn). Depending upon such factors, one needs to know the right steps and remedies for themselves to excel in their lives.

Guruji believes in transforming the lives of his clients to an unexpected level, rather than just solving some particular problems of their present timeline. To attain true success, he advices his client a spiritual change in their lifestyles and attitude, along with providing them with the respective “jaap”,” mantras” and techniques for problem solving.

The study of Patrika requires a lot of hardwork and dedication and Guruji has mastered this art with years of experience. Guruji understands the power of planets and stars in shaping our lives and so he even provides solutions to all relevant problems by performing a specific “jaap”, which helps in overcoming those obstacles for a vibrant future. These “jaaps” are the best treatments in situations where your power, pride and self-esteem are weak due to the unexpected happenings in your life.

  • All of this happens due to his immense knowledge in Patrikas and their role in our lives. Guruji and his team help everyone to solve all hindrances occurring in their professional or personal life by analysing their Patrikas and also guide them to select the right opportunities for them to grow more and more for a better future.
  • Guruji’s teaching reflect a holistic approach to keep ourselves strong both mentally and physically by overpowering all complexities and building up resilience throughout the journey towards glory. According to him, spirituality and virtue are deeply connected and without the implementation of progressive and positive changes in our lives, our spirituality will not be able to perform its functions.
  • According to Guruji, one needs to be aware about their spirituality and how can they mix it with their actions so that when they try to do something for themselves, their actions get executed successfully.

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