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It all started in the year 2000 when at the tender age of six, Yogendra Aradhye Guruji was sent off to Shruti Sanjeevani Vedpathshala in Karnataka to seek knowledge in Indian scriptures, prayers and other religious and spiritual pursuits at the feet of renowned Seers and Gurus.

Shruti Sanjeevani Vedpathshala is one of Hinduism’s greatest seat of learning. There, Yogendra studied Rigveda-Sanvita under the legitimate guidance of Yogesh Sovani Guruji. After gaining complete knowledge of Rigveda, he moved to Rajapur, one of the sacred places in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra, India. There he studied the Rigveda-Yadnik for 7 Years under the guidance of Ramakrishna Kajavekar Guruji.

Yogendra Aradhye Guruji not only studied Yadnik but in his journey, he has given hundreds of exams to prove his mastery. At Kaka Maharaj Math and Vedshastra-uttejyak Sabha, Pune, he has given the Yadnik examinations and started his journey as Yadnik Yogendra Aradhye Guruji.

His education in the field to become a ‘Yadnik’ continued till the age of 20, during which time he hardly met or interacted with his family. “Adhyayan” (study and understanding) of the scriptures took up 16 to 18 hours every day. If that wasn’t enough, his knowledge and hold on the subject was tested by an astounding 64 people on 64 different occasions!

This is a photo of Yogendra Aradhye Guruji, a young man who has dedicated his life to the study of Rigveda, one of the oldest and most sacred scriptures of Hinduism. He is wearing a white kurta and a red shawl, and has a tilak on his forehead. He is smiling and looking at the camera. He has a beard and a moustache, and his hair is tied in a bun. He is holding a book in his left hand, which is probably a copy of the Rigveda. He is standing in front of a green background with some flowers and leaves. The photo shows his confidence and devotion to his field of expertise

Impressing them all one after the other, he is today one of ONLY 28 recognized Yadniks worldwide! He is an expert in Vedas who can recite all of the 10552 mantras which is said to impact the listeners in their life.

His entire professional journey as Yadnik has been guided by Santosh Vaze Guruji situated in Pune, Maharashtra India. He is one of best astrologer in pune who has the perfect knowledge about Patrika or Janam Kundli. To become the expert and best Patrika observer one must see at least 1000 patrikas before. Here Yogendra Aradhye Guruji was perfectly guided by Suresh Kulkarni Guruji at Pune. He explains each and every house of Patrika and significance of it. He observed more than 2800 patrikas till date and given the practical solutions on the problems.

After getting the immense experience in this field he understood that, the knowledge of Patrika and Yadniki will be more useful for professionals to get the success in their field. He is the active member of BNI (Business Network International). We at Vedbramha serving the people from different aspects of society for more than 5 years and many more to go.

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