Laghu Rudrabhishek Pooja – Story and Importance

“Shiva resides in all the Gods and all Gods reside in Shiva”

The month of Shravan is considered holy and holds particular importance in the worship of Shiva. A story in Purana tells about this significance. There was a hunter residing in deep jungles around the Vindhya mountains. He used to hunt and feed his family. One day the hunter was hiding in a tree to hunt a deer. He could see the ground clearly due to the leaves of the tree. He started plucking and dropping the leaves on the ground one by one. Coincidently, the tree was that of bel and there was a temple of lord shiva where the leaves fell. In the night, a female deer came searching for water and the hunter sensed her arrival. The hunter was about to kill her when she spotted him and requested him to kill her after she visited her youngs back at her place as they were waiting for her. The hunter agreed. The hunter was kind enough to spare her life. That day he had to fast and unknowingly had worshipped shiva by offering bel. Lord Shiva was pleased by the kindness of the hunter and offered him and the deer heaven. The Mriga constellation is supposed to have come to existence due to the same.

The hunter got the fruits of his deed. Hence people who worship lord Shiva use various ways to worship him in the month of Shravan.

The scientific importance of lord shiva:
Lord Shiva is the world’s best management guru. If you observe the lord shiva with complete attention, there comes a lot of learning. There is a fire in between the middle eyes of lord shiva and there is water on his head. So, water and fire can’t come together but they are together. They have drunk wishes (poison) from the sea and on their head, they have a moon which signifies Amrit. So, poison and Amrit can’t come together, but it’s still together. The snake lord shiva has and the mouse which is Ganesha’s wahan. They are against each other always but still, they are together. Ganesha’s younger brother karthikaeyas wahan is a peacock who typically eats snakes. But still, they live together. Shiva has all the devils who are afraid of vibhuti (bhasma). So, devils and vibhuti can’t come together. But still, they live together. Shiva is the replica of heat but they stay on the ice (Kailas). So, ice and heat never come together but still, they are there. There are a lot of different things which are still there which can’t come together. Lord shiva plays an important role and manage well the things that can’t come together.
Our learning: In our life also there are various things that we don’t like but still we need to manage those things, lord shiva teaches us how to manage those things. So for that, we shud worship lord shiva.

It is known that abhisheka to lord shiva yields blessings even if your horoscope doesn’t have the right planet conditions. These described are the things one can offer shiva according to their zodiac sign.

Mesh– honey, jaggery, sugarcane juice, red flower

Vrishabh– raw milk, yoghurt, white flower

Mithun – juice of green flower, moong, bel

Kark– raw milk, butter, moong, bel

Sinh– honey, jaggery, ghee, red flower

Kanya– juice of green flower, moong, bel, blue and green flower

Tula– milk, yoghurt, ghee, butter, sugar

Vrischik– honey, ghee, jaggery, bel, red flower

Dhanu – ghee, honey, sugar, almonds, yellow flower and yellow fruit

Makar– mustard oil, sesame oil, raw milk, blue flower

Kumbh– raw milk, mustard oil, sesame oil, blue flower

Meen– sugarcane juice, honey, almonds, bel, yellow flower and yellow fruit

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