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|| दिग्मुखं गृहाणां वास्तु धनसौख्यकरंभवेत् | दिग्मूढ अर्थानाशाय पुरप्रसादमन्दिरम् ||

If we construct any architectural design while keeping vastu directions in mind, it will lead the owner to good health, property and prosperity in his life. But if this is not done then there will be chances of loss and damage in each term of the life span of the owner.

Vastu Shastra

According to Yogendra Aradhye Guruji, every location, be it home or office, has its own significance. The importance of Vaastu cannot be neglected today as Guruji considers it as the bedrock of any successful venture. Today, we live in a world full of rat race. Industries are established and a lot of them get demolished every now and then. This tragedy happens due to ignorance towards the value of Vastu Shastra.

Guruji understands the benefits of Vaastu and tries to educate his clients about the significance of the construction of their workplace and home with respect to his in depth knowledge on Vastu Shastra. Everything in this world is made up of the panchamahabhutas or the five basic elements of nature- vayu (wind), agni (fire), jala (water), prithvi (earth) and ether (aether). In the field of Vasstu Shastra, these elements play a major role in converting an ordindary building to your beloved home or office. The changes and modifications required to brighten up the ideal ambiance, which would be full of positivity, is neglected by many. Failure to this particular understanding leads to failures and complexities in our personal and professional lives.

Guruji and his team are skilled in educating people about the influence of Vaastu in creating the best ambience around their place so that every action taken by them works in the positive direction and in return, receive the best results in all their activities.

An image of a 3D model of a house with a yellow circle that says “VASTU CONSULTATION”. The house is white with blue furniture and a pool, and has different rooms such as a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The background is a map with compass directions and a wind rose, indicating the orientation of the house. The image is from a website that offers Vastu consultation services, which are based on an ancient Indian system of architecture and design.
  • Vastu is essential for everyone. If you are building and setting up your dream house or even if you are constructing and organizing your business, You need the blessings of the Almighty and the best wishes from your stars and fore-fathers. Thanks to Yogendra Aradhye Guruji and his expertise in Vastu Consultation, now you can experience the magical benefits in your lives and work by setting up your office and home in the required manner through his guidance.
  • Yogendra Aradhye Guruji’s years of experience in Vaastu Shastra includes his extensive knowledge on Hindu scriptures which have made him gain extreme knowledge and clarity on the flow of directions, locations, constructions, places, energy flow and what exactly these components do in shaping our lives and future in a productive sphere.
  • For instane, according to Yogendra Aradhye Guruji, business owners and entrepreneurs should consider sleeping in the south-west direction of their house. This is due to the fact that south-west direction signifies the Earth (Pruthvi), and sleeping in the direction of Pruthvi provides a stability in professional life.
An image of a vast agricultural field with rows of crops, with text that relates it to Vastu. The text says that agricultural plots should be bought with caution and under the advice of a Vastu consultant, as Vastu compatible construction can ensure the prosperity of the agricultural sector. The text also says that the image is from a website that offers agricultural Vastu services or courses. The field is green and the sky is blue with a bright sun shining down on the field. The image has a warm and positive tone.

Agricultural Vastu Shastra

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