Benifits of Laghu Rudra Pooja

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The holy month of Shravan brings more joy and opportunity to reset, refresh and replenish our life through multiple ways. One of the ways is through Laghu Rudra Pooja. This is done especially in Shravan month and you will know its significance from the following information.

We know when your pooja is done with pure faith, it will provide visibly positive results.  When you understand the very essence of this pooja, and perform an Abhishek on auspicious day as your Rashi prescribes– all your stars align under the blessing and power of Lord Shiva to give you the benefits.

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What is Laghu Rudra pooja?

Rudra is also called Laghu Rudra Abhishek.  Rudra is a very powerful and effective Stotra composed by Lord Shiva. We can call it a Sukta (collection of multiple mantras from Vedas) . Through this, when we ‘Shravan’ (listen to) it, we can attain greater peace and success.

Lord Mahadev, also known as Shiva, is revered as the destroyer of evil in Hindu history.  When immersed in His devotion, Lord Shiva can demolish and vanquish all negativity and obstacles that hinder our spiritual growth and well-being. His blessings help overcome challenges, purify souls, and help lead a more righteous and positive life.

Shiva is the best management guru.  He brings opposing things that cannot come together at all and aligns the synergies efficiently.  To invoke this management skill in our life, we do Laghu Rudra pooja.

Let us understand what the opposing synergies are:

Shiva has Ganga Mata on his head. There is fire between both of his eyes. Fire and water cannot be together, but Shiva does hold the opposing forces together.

A serpent surrounds Shiva’s neck, Ganesha’s vehicle is mouse. A mouse and snake cannot be together, but Shiva cohabits with both.

Kartika’s vehicle is Peacock, which eats snake, but Shiva holds both together.

Parvati has lion and shiva has the bull Nandi. Lion eats bull but Shiva creates harmony in both.

Shiva puts Bhasma (sacred ash), so bhut (ghosts) come to him. Bhoot and Vibhoot are opposites of each other and never come together.

Shiva is a hot-tempered God but he has taken asana in cold mountains of Kailash.

Parvati is a RajaKanya (Princess) and Shiva lives in ‘smashana’ (cremation ground). These two opposites are happily married and living together.

So in this way, Lord Shiva brings two things together that can never be at one place at one time. He manages this so well. In order to achieve such powerful balance of impossible things in our live, we do Laghu Rudra Abhishek.

We recite 121 avatars of Rudra in this puja and through this we worship lord Shiva.
In Kalyug – Rudra form of God is called Bholenath . The name itself is a promise that He gives fruit of our devotion fast and easily.

Who should do this puja / Which problems can be resolved?

People who have multiple health issues, multiple financial problems, more debt, or problems that are always keeping life muddled, problems that are deep rooted and seem impossible to solve, such issues get resolved with Laghu Rudra Puja.

One can reduce the effects of depression, mourning, disease, stress, negative ego, and guilt. With this pooja, one can gain the power of right decision and eradicate any sins.

When can Rudra Abhishek Pooja be done?

Typically, in the holy month of Shravan, on Mondays, Saturdays and at Pradosh (belonging or the first part of the evening.)

Lord Brahma is the creator of this Universe. Lord Vishnu is the Nourisher, and Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, which is why he is also known as the one who resides in Kailas or Kailasa nivasi.  He who drank the poison emerging out of Samudra manthan to protect the whole world is also known as ‘Neelkanth’ (blue throated). Lord Shiva has a crescent moon on his head which also hold the holy river ‘Ganga’, therefore He is known as ‘Trimbakeshwar’. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of Sins, and the powerful mantra ‘Aum Namah Shivay’ holds the energy to destroy sorrow, pain and evil.

Shiv is the destroyer of evil, whereas ‘Namah Shivay’ holds the power to bring bliss and peace for the entire world.

If Abhishek is done on the holy day of Mahashivratri, it is highly effective. So much so that even the planets that are non-beneficial for you, will give you a positive benefit. We have listed below the details for each ‘Rashi’ or zodiac sign, as to the  offering is the most beneficial for you.

  • Mesha – Honey and sugar cane juice.
  • Vrishabha – Raw milk
  • Mithuna – Tender grass (Durva) juice
  • Karka – Raw milk
  • Sinha – Pure cow ghee
  • Kanya – Fruit juice
  • Tula – Milk, Yogurt, Ghee
  • Vrishchika – Honey, Pure cow ghee
  • Dhanu – Saffron water
  • Makar – Mustard oil, Sesame oil
  • Kumbha – Sesame oil
  • Meen – Turmeric and Darbha water ( darbha grass or Kusha grass )

Benefits of Rudra Abhishek when done in –

  • Water – ‘Jala vrishti’ or water abundance.
  • Kushodak (water made with juice of darbha or kusha grass) – eradication of pain and disease.
  • Yogurt – abundance and gain of cattle, home and vehicle.
  • Sugarcane juice – flourishing wealth
  • Honey – Gain wealth
  • Tirtha udak – gain Moksha
  • Attar – freedom from ailment
  • Milk – birth of son
  • Gangajal – healing heat related issues
  • Milk and sugar – endless wisdom and virtue
  • Ghee – defeat disease and enemies

Depending on your specific goals and wishes, you can harness the benefits of Laghu Rudra Abhishek by choosing from the above options.

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