Vastu for Temple

Vastu Shastra For Temple

Indian temples should be adhered to Vastu because it is the place of peace and harmony where people generally seek God’s grace to fulfill their wishes. There are many temples which are constructed with Vastu non-adherence and even it has been observed that such temples never prosper in terms of peace and other manner. Any improper orientation and construction of temple could bring mishaps with adverse effects. Vastu provides some prominent features that must be considered while constructing a temple.

Vedbramha guide to thoroughly to design your education buildings. Some of the basic guidelines for educational building are:

  • Every temple must be constructed facing East direction with entrance in the same. East direction is sacred in Vastu because sun rises from here which the sole energy giver and symbol of light. Therefore, according to Vedbramha should always be constructed East facing and entrance while the idols of God facing the appropriate direction as well.
  • Ensure that the plot of temple is regular shaped and avoid irregular shapes while constructing a shrine because shapes like triangular, circle or oval are prohibited & considered inauspicious.
  • Shoes keeping point in the temple should be best located in Southern side while drinking or water resource can be arranged in Eastern side.
  • A temple can have four main gates out of which two are ideal towards East and two in North. However, if there is only one gate to the temple then best to have in East direction.
  • Avoid entrance gate in the South direction and main door must be huge and stronger than other gates of temple. Provision for window should be made on Eastern side only. Place for God’s idol must be higher than the ground and all the idols must place in such way facing East while only Lord Hanuman, Lord Dakhinamurti and Goddess Kali can Face South. Avoid building other residential or commercial places near or front of temple. The shadow of temple should not fall on the places around the temple.
  • Water storage must be located in North-east corner if underground and over-head tank must be situated in South-west.
  • Kitchen in temple must be situated in South-east corner as this is the place for element Fire.
  • Charity box must be kept in East or North direction.
  • Temple best on the site where there is hill, sea, mountain lies in East or North direction.

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